Fee Schedule and Policy

We request all parents to read the points and follow the fees schedule and policy:

  • The tuition fees are payable quarterly by the 1 to 15th of the month of April, July, October and January. Payment of fees has to be made through D.D./Cheque or Cash (pertaining to April, July, October and January Quarters). One time advance payment of fees can also be made for the whole session through Cheques / Cash / D.D. / Swapping. (In case of one time payment of full year fee 10% discount will be felicitated)
  • If there is a lapse of payment of fees for two quarters admission will stand cancelled. Fresh admission has to be sought. Late fees shall be charged @ Rs. 300/- per month (for Tuition and Transport separately) in case payment is not made in the said quarter. For bounced cheques additional payment of Rs. 300/- has to made.
  • It is not mandatory for the school to send reminders & any notice for the payment of the fees.
  • No refund of money is made during the session if, the candidates leave in between the session.
  • In case of any refund or extra charges levied by the school, parent will kindly deal with the school under the aid and advice of Honourable Principal.
  • If fee is not paid within the calendar month of the stipulated date, the student name shall be struck off the rolls, Re-admission fee, as applicable, shall be charged, if readmission is granted.
  • If there is any query regarding fee then please contact School Accounts Office at telephone No.: 9319123156
  • Deposition/Transaction of the fees carried out at concerned Bank will be recommended by the school.
  • Parents are instructed to take the computerized / manual receipt immediately at any kind of payment done in the recommended categories.

Important Note *

Parents are advised not to pay cash amount to any staff members of the school authority (drivers, conductors,
Security guards, teachers or peons) school will not be responsible if incase amount is lost.

All disputes subject to Agra Jurisdiction only.